Linda Ferguson, Speaker

To be human is to connect with other people. Every invention or innovation has been generated by interaction.  Every creation is an effort to communicate.

The progress of individuals, organizations and societies is driven by interaction. And the best model for human interaction is the exchanges that happen in conversation. When you’re part of a great conversation, you’re fully engaged, you’re using all of your brain, and you’re likely to find the seeds of your best thinking.

Conversation begins with the voice inside your head, that voice that tells you what you are thinking and provides a running commentary on your experience. Learning to be curious about that voice and respect what it wants for you is the first step in changing the words that you hear yourself say.

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The voice inside your head becomes your outside voice. It shapes what you say and how you say it so that you can build bridges to the experience of other people. It’s the way thought travels from one mind to another, and it’s also the way that a thought generates action. When you want to make a difference (by helping, by building, by teaching), the words you choose determine the results you get. 

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Words do more than describe what we already know: they provide a fast, effective way to link different knowledge or experience in new ways.  Words are the vehicle of our curiosity, and they take us on journeys we don’t expect to places that do not exist in our experience. Conversation is a way to share the trip and the discoveries you make along the way.

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