Stories that Work

Memorable and Motivating

Do you hate speaking at meetings? Most people do. They worry about what they will say and how they will sound. They worry so much that the people who are listening get stressed, too. People remember the stress and lose track of the message.

Let me help you imagine a better way. Let me take you into your hearts and minds and brains to discover the speakers you remember, the speakers who inspired you to take action, the speakers you respect. Let me show you that you already have the courage, the clarity and the heart to make a difference. 

All great speakers have one thing in common: they understand how our brains and minds process language. They know what it takes to make a message stick and to make it move. They don’t just add stories to their talks: their speaking takes listeners on a journey through tension and conflict and challenge to a new beginning. You can do it, too.

Here’s the bonus: when you imagine your message as a story, it activates your breath and your body. You give your nerves a way to express themselves that actually builds a connection with your audience. You find that you own the room, and that connection settles you into a powerful new presence. 

When you need your audience to remember and to take action, you need language that makes details stick and transforms a message into a motivation. You need to tell a story.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand how stories activate the brain and motivate action.

2. Transform anxiety into useful tension.

3. Connect with presence and purpose.

Available in formats from 30 minutes to 1 day as a keynote or workshop.

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