Leading Words, October 2015

The first Leading Words symposium was held in October 2015. It was a celebration of great conversation and the changes that it makes in our experience and our influence.

  • men and women from a wide variety of fields sharing thought-provoking, practical ideas for reaching goals and communicating better
  • great facilitation that allows you to engage with new people in conversation and exercises
  • cutting edge practices for focusing on what works in language and life

Linda Ferguson, NLP Canada Training

From Monkeys to Miracles: The Language of Change, Keynote

Linda’s keynote address will give you three powerful, intuitive ways to engage the monkey minds of the people you want to influence. You’ll learn that the mind and words work at different speeds. When the right words get all parts of the mind working together, the results are amazing.

Linda Ferguson uses neurolinguistic programming and related models to help people reflect on the way their thinking can change to produce stronger, more satisfying results. For more than 30 years, she has studied the way written and spoken language change states, build connections, and make miracles a little more likely.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lindarferguson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nlpcanada

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nlpcanada

Haesun Moon, Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

The Miracle Question, Keynote

"Suppose a miracle happens and you are living your life  to its fullest… what does it look like?” The strategy of the miracle question is foundational to Social Focused Brief Coaching (and to NLP!) and a great example of how words lead. Find out more about how you can presuppose success, recognize the seeds of it in your current situation, and grow those seeds to move beyond obstacles and into your desired future.

Haesun Moon is the Certificate Program Director of Solution-Focused Brief Coaching Program, and she also works in Organizational Development & Leadership at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Haesun teaches locally and internationally working with senior managers and executive level leaders on broad range of organizational topics including change management and performance evaluation. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haesunmoon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/haesunmoon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/briefcoaching

Sheri Andrunyk, Insightful Communications Publishing

Do You Have a Book in You?

Straight Talk to Take You From Concept to Reality. One Hour Workshop Session!

Most of us have at least one book in us. If you think you do and can’t stop thinking about it, join Sheri for an interactive session on the many stages of bringing your book to life, from the creative process, to production, publishing, and promotion. Takeaways will be: clarity in the choices available to you today, confidence in your next steps, and renewed passion in the difference you can make with your story and teachings. For more support and helpful insights, be sure to check out Sheri’s blog at www.ICPublishing.ca.

Sheri Andrunyk is the founder of I C Publishing and the I C Bookstore, entrepreneur expert, mentor, and author of Working From Home & Making It Work and Hearts Linked by Courage. She is writing two more books this year called Do You Have a Book In You? and The All Season Entrepreneur, and is extremely passionate about providing more choices, resources, and high level support to other writers, business professionals, wellness coaches, and spiritual mentors. For more about Sheri, visit http://www.icbookstore.ca/020~About_Sheri/. 

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sheriandrunyk 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/icpublishing 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insightfulcommunicationspublishing 

Kyle Horner

Pitch Higher - Morning Session

For years, Kyle dreamed of becoming a rock star. The one problem? He didn't believe in his voice. In his talk, Kyle explores how noticing the intention behind his voice shifted his results in building relationships, calming his anxieties, and achieving more of what he wanted. Through holding to the belief that the voice is important beyond just the regular sounds we make, we can begin to explore the beginnings of our interpersonal connections in sounds and words. The intention of this 15 minute talk is to make us all mindful of our approach to the way our sound connects with our listeners so that we can all notice ourselves being the rock star leaders we were born to be.

Nabil Danial, Broker

Being on purpose and working with purpose

Being on purpose is  a way of being we are always striving to be, it is the foundation to lead our life from, including our mission, what we do in a daily basis. My outcome for the audience is that  they become more resourceful in identifying and getting in touch with their purpose.

What I do: I am a professional real estate broker, and my mission is to assist home sellers and buyers get what they want successfully and satisfactory.  I’m happy to provide you with a free home sellers and buyers consultation.


Paz Curto

A Stronger “I” for Better Balance

We all hear and talk about the importance of work-life balance. Ironically,  I realized that there is more to balance than just work or life. Life is too big to tackle and a bit overwhelming, and work is only a few years of our full life. I see that for me there are different ¨bubbles¨ that matter to me (might be different for others): family, partner, and friends, and in the center ¨I¨. I picture it like a molecule. Those are the things that I need to balance and the stronger my “I” is, the more balanced are the other bubbles. 

The question is how do I make my ¨I¨ balanced and stronger? Here is where NLP has helped me: First to be able to see me. All this has made me realize that work is only a tiny part of a bigger “I."

"I was born in Spain. Currently, I work  in Internal Audit for a mining company in Canada. 

I enjoy discovering new places, people, and things. My work has allowed me to travel to remote places that I would not had the chance to explore otherwise. NLP has allowed me to travel to remote places within me that I would not had the chance  to explore otherwise. Every trip, even to the same place, will show me something to new discover.”

Claire Donnison 

Travelling Solo- You're Never Really Alone

I rarely had anyone available to travel with me for a variety of reasons and so I opted for many a "staycation". I go to movies alone, dinner, concerts, but could never face travelling solo. My Mum passed away on Jan 2 2013. I lost my job in early May of 2013. I turned 50 on July 9 2013. It was a big year. One of my favourite bands is Nine Inch Nails and they were on tour throughout the US late 2013...and for some reason...it spurred me on to take some trips. And then some more. Solo.

Susan Lin

Discover Your Authentic Self

Do you know what you really want out of life? Susan will share her story on how she discovered her authentic self and found a way to listen to her inner voice and live life fearlessly.

Susan is a certified life coach, project manager and a change maker, whose passion is in helping individuals to create positive shifts and live life to the fullest. She also works as a scrum master, coaching teams with adopting and following Agile practices. She is obsessed about using art as a form of expression, healthy eating and living life wholeheartedly. 

Ron Vereggen, Morning Session at Charbonnel Lounge

Mindful Leadership

The practice of mindfulness has been shown to reduce anger and anxiety, improve concretion and attention, and bring a sense of calm and well-being into your life. In this presentation we will exploring the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace and show you how you can start applying it today. Warning: These techniques might even spill over into your personal life :)

Ron Vereggen is a project manager + productivity hacker. He is constantly exploring the limits of what is possible. He publishes a weekly paper http://paper.career-hacks.com/ where he shares the best #careerhacks that he’s discovered. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/vereggen.

John Dafos, Teacher

Odysseus, Sheep, and Creative Capacity

There's a scene in The Odyssey where the wily Odysseus, trapped in the the cyclops's cave, with certain death staring at him, sees sheep...but realizes that they are more than sheep - they are his escape. Odysseus looks beyond the function of the sheep to find the freedom. Decades of research have taken this lesson from Homer's heroic epic and applied it to human creativity. In this talk, John Dafos will look at how we get stuck in ruts and a method for unlocking greater creativity.

John is an accomplished middle school teacher whose work with using philosophy and creative problem solving in teaching literature has been recognized by the Student Achievement office of the Literacy Secretariat. 

Ann Jagan

Come Inside My Head, Wear My Stilettos and Walk With Me on This Discussion

The language I use in the automotive sector has been instrumental in all of my communication exchanges. I can honestly say that I solicit a different response today than I did many years ago when I started my journey. The language of the Audit unfolds between the Auditor and the Auditee..and on that journey, I ask the auditee to “Come inside my head, wear my stilettos and walk with me on this discussion”

This walk has taken me to New Heights in every discussion I have . . .it has given me the ability to understand and accept that we see only through the filters of our our own journey and experience. Language gives me an opportunity to share what I see and what I hear when I take the time to process the exchange from your point of view. . I enjoy the light we both see. I can interpret what you are saying and say it in your words so that you can hear me. I do this when you too are willing to come inside my head, wear my stilettos and walk with me on this discussion”

Ann has been operating  her business  as a Solopreneur for more than 25 years, providing Auditing and Consulting services in Quality Management System Certification.  A service that helps companies that manufacture components in automotive sector to gain and maintain their certification status in meeting their Customer expectations. She continues to claim her first position was CEO of her Home.  After divorce, sharing 50% custody of the her two kids, at the ages of 12 and 7, meant that she would have to be 2X as effective and present  in the role she played as a mother. She fondly refers to that dynamic as Three Hearts inc. with her  daughter now 24, and son 20 .  

Behind the scenes.. Ann Is building up her coaching business in Leadership Development for Personal success.  Her Life has taken her from a structured solid family upbringing as she fondly remembers her childhood experiences growing up with her parents, in Enmore Estate, a remote village in the country, on the east cost of Guyana , South America.    She then moved  across the continent from South America to North America at the age of 12,  embracing the direction from parents through a long distance relationship  and her 12 siblings in all our their family experiences shared; she carefully walked the fine line between Tradition and values,  and is  thankful for the close friendships and mentors she aligned with on her journey.

NLP served her as a foundation to learn a  new language and the ability to see and identify the filters that skewed her perception.  She  continues to embrace change and Lives passionately.    Choosing to be  Authentic and choosing to be  Happy.

Tim Gibney, The Resilience Doctor

 How the Whispers In the Silence Have Transformed My Life

A short journey through a few of the events/situations in my life and how ‘the whispers’ have influenced me. I will also talk about some of the techniques I’ve used to give the attendees an understanding of what I did, then give some time to try them out. Finally I will describe the challenges that may be experience when trying to listen to the whispers.

Timothy Gibney operates under the name The Resilience Doctor. For more information on why he does what he does and his thoughts on different situations go to – TheResilienceDoctor.com

Lorraine Thornhill

If Obstacles Could Talk: Average to Extraordinary

Lorraine Thornhill is a motivator, trainer, consultant and transformational coach.  Having gone through many journeys and transformations herself, she now empowers others to shift their world.

Life has so many opportunities that are waiting for each of us.  The possibility of being able to create your world the way you want, reach new heights in confidence and self-awareness, and carry these attributes both in your professional and personal lives, will enable a powerful and positive shift in your world. 

The presentation will focus on:

  • 3 action triggers - what helps us overcome obstacles
  • shifting your gears - from park to drive
  • law of multiplication - the seeds we sow, the effect we create
  • law of gravity - one kind word, one kind act
  • law of the season - plant that dream


Balaji Raghavan, Founder of TAP Ideas

Life Begins at the End of the Comfort Zone

The presentation will focus on

  • What is a comfort zone
  • Why we choose to stay there
  • How moving out of it benefits in the sort term and long term
  • The positive influence of struggle
  • The leap of faith
  • The power of saying YES

 Balaji Raghavan is a motivational speaker and the founder of TAP IDEAS, a training and consulting firm in Toronto. He is a certified Facilitator, Instructional designer, performance consultant and a training generalist with 10 years of corporate background. He is also a NLP practitioner currently pursuing Masters program in NLP Canada. He is also a published author. His book 'Awakening the Genie from Within- Discover and Develop the Hidden Potential in You' was released on May 2015 and is currently selling in major online book stores like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Indigo etc. Balaji currently creates and delivers customized corporate trainings and public seminars that inspires and motivates people.

Website: www.tapideas.ca

Email : contactus@tapideas.ca

Phone: (647)892-2933

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/balajiraghavan1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tapideas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TapIdeas

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