Mastering Communication

First session: Tuesday, Sept 12, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

This group of up to 12 people will meet every second Tuesday for 2 hours. Until the end of 2017, this group will work through the six keys to clearer, more effective communication. You’ll learn a concept and apply it immediately to a message you want to make work. Then you’ll share feedback that let’s you know what is working and what needs more work.

The three keys to creating your message are:

Sept 12: Define Your Purpose

Sept 26: Construct Your Frame

Oct 10: Craft a Storyline

The three keys to delivering your message are:

Nov 14: Own the Space in Speaking or Writing

Nov 28: Respond to Your Audience

Dec 12: Set Anchors for Action

Newcomers are welcome, but we will be building on concepts and skills taught in NLP Canada Training’s practitioner and master practitioner courses.

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