Mastering Influence

First session: Thursday, September 21, 6:30pm (Bring your dinner!)

This group is for people who are serious about developing influence as a craft. Whether you are a coach or a sales professional, a manager or an entrepreneur, this course will help you address challenges in persuading others to take action. You’ll work with a group of trusted colleagues to identify innovative, effective strategies, develop fresh perspectives, and maintain the drive to get the results you want.

In this group, we’ll develop strategies for influence based on skillsets in rhetoric, design thinking, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and psychology. Each session will begin with a roundtable on a theme where we identify an interesting challenge to work on. Then we’ll use strategic conversation and exercises to open up new perspectives and possibilities. We’ll close with a second round table in which we stabilize what we know works, what we want to try next, and when we want to revisit the topic.

Each session begins at 6:30pm (you’re welcome to bring your dinner) and we’ll finish the closing roundtable by 7:45. You’re welcome to stay for an informal half-hour following the closing to connect with individuals and ideas, and to share success stories.

Here’s a list of our meeting dates and themes:

Sept 21: How to define your purpose to get results

Oct 5: How to identify opportunities

Oct 19: How to stay congruent under pressure

Nov 9: Using metaphors to suggest movement

Nov 23: When to command and when to suggest

Dec 7: Matching and building energy

We’ll run this pilot session with 3-10 people. Newcomers are welcome, but we will be building on the concepts and skills taught in the NLP Canada Training NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.


$330 + HST, payable all at once or monthly on Oct 25, Nov 25, and Dec 25, 2017.

$165 + HST for NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners, payable all at once or monthly

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