Optimal Influence

Whatever you want involves other people. You ability to engage with others in meaningful and practical ways determines the quality of your life. We are social creatures who are wired to learn from each other, to support each other, and to challenge each other. It’s not a personality trait or a choice. It’s human nature.

In our Optimal Influence courses we use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to change the perceptions, choices and behaviours that we use to engage with other people.  Our practice of NLP has evolved to include the best current thinking from science, academics and business. We continually test our own ability to deliver the right tools for the right problems so that our clients see fast, reliable results.

We always begin with self-discovery and self-development. When you are clear and comfortable in your own skin, your chances of communicating effectively are much better.  

The next step is always to identify what you want as clearly and vividly as possible. It’s not possible to get what you want until you know what you want. Often, we start with a result in mind. But we don’t fully understand that result until we know what it will cost to achieve it in terms of relationships, energy, and resources. And then we need to identify a first step: a clear, tangible behaviour that will move toward our desired result. 

When you are clear on the result you want and the action necessary to move toward it, you need to establish a strong connection to the person or people you want to influence. That begins with being fully present and confident in your goal, but often you also need to build agreement. Use that agreement to bring out the resources in others that they will need to take action.

The remaining step in optimizing your influence is to notice the feedback you are getting in terms of movement toward your goal, and to make changes in your own mindset and behaviour in response to that feedback. Influence is not a straight line: it’s a cycle. 

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