Linda Ferguson knows how to explore a situation and zero in on goals and leverage points. She’ll help you define the results you want and design a communication strategy that allows you to achieve them. She’ll work with you to identify the factors at play in your situation and create the clarity and motivation you need to succeed.

Whether you’re developing a killer presentation or writing a book, Linda has the depth of expertise you need for steady guidance and the right kind of challenge. A long-time storyteller, author, and college professor, Linda understands how language works best and how to get the best from your language.

If your work depends on one-to-one conversations, Linda will help you review past conversations to understand the patterns driving your words when you are most successful. As you analyze the strategies in your awareness and the unconscious responses that drive your tone and metaphor, you’ll gain more flexibility and more precision in dealing with a variety of clients and outcomes.

Finally, if you think that the voice in your head isn’t helping you, Linda can help you sort out the positive intention from the negative words. You’ll come to respect more as you open up a better relationship between the self you know and the self that is driving your unconscious choices.

Coaching packages start at $550 (+HST) for 5 sessions focused on your communication. If you want a broader strategic focus, packages start at $750 for 5 sessions plus regular feedback.

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